Crystallomancy, the English version of our latest single Krystallomantia is now released.



(The Crystal Ball)

Without a motion, the dancer in front

of the silent player, the kantele burning

like the sun without its light.

She appears in my dream,

[a] fortuneteller crystallomancy

seeing a war, heavy iron in the chest,

never growing rusty.

Prophesying, crops are like

weather and war

you now have thaw

but tomorrow brings bitter frost and ice

No, there is no reason to bow down,

even though you could lash us with your whip.

Should we die, then mother earth would get

a golden blanket.

“Before was like before but today

is indescribable.

Before, yellow grain swayed,

harmonious and serene

Before was like before but today

there’s no peace.

Evil’s reaping, the Devil’s laughing,

he has grown fat and strong.

Igor from East slaughters from his hideout.


Helena Halmari

Prof. of English Linguistics

Dept. of English

Sam Houston State University 

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