NEW KORPIKLAANI ALBUM “JYLHÄ” coming 5 February 2021!

First single “Leväluhta” out today.

Leväluhta (or Levänluhta) is a spring in Isokyrö. Remains of approximately a hundred Iron Age bodies have been found buried there. It remains unclear why the deceased were buried to the spring. In the story of the song, the narrator himself is one of the buried, floating in the lap of clear water beyond time and knowledge. The video tells us a fictional story about what may have happened in the mystical Leväluhta…

Video credits:

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Script: Markku Kirves

Gaffer Grip & making of photography: Italo Moncada

Production house: Pajula Productions


Man: Yrjänä Ermala

Woman: Mirja Oksanen

Film was shot at Kammi-Kylä (Nummijärvi) 2020.

Thanks to Erkki Kalliomäki, who built the amazing Kammi-Kylä, cheers to our talented actors Yrjänä and Mirja and special thanks to Mikko & Susanna Summa who provided our transport vechile to location. Also thanks to Italo Moncada, Helmin Kortteeri, Artistiasu, Isobar Finland and Valofirma.

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