”Sanaton maa is meant to be throwback to 80’s with folky twist: I wanted to write a classic sounding mid-tempo hair metal song with killer chorus that include all the elements I like to hear in a good song. While listening this I can still travel back in time onto back seat of an old Honda Accord that was cosmetically fixed with way too much of putty and it barely worked….on the other hand that wasn’t a matter because it was also tuned up with woofers more expensive than the car. Happy ending! – Sami Perttula
“All I need to do after that was add fuzzy dices to it!” -Jonne
Folklore tells a story of a young man named Matti plowing a field along a river. When finished, he took the horse to the pen walking past the bathing spot on the river. The men on the other side of the river were making hay and at the same time heard a voice from the water saying “Time has passed but no man has come”. Matti, having not heard the voice, decided to go swimming. Men on the other side told him he shouldnt because they had heard such a voice. They said a man from the village had drowned in that place a long time ago. Matti replied that he was not going to swim after all, but was at least going to wash his hands and face. He leaned towards the water, had a heart attack and sank into the water. The legend is known at least in Kaukola and Valkeala.
DIRECTOR’S WORD: “Sanaton maa” is the third Korpiklaani video with the same main character and this time I wanted to tell something about his profession. In this video we see a blacksmith with his young apprentice, to whom he is now passing his knowledge. On the way to the smith, the boy sees something stunning under the water. As a warning, man decides to tell him an old legend about what happened at the same spot a long time ago. But does our apprentice really listen…
Watch it here:
Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Script: Markku Kirves
Light & grip: Italo Moncada
Assistant: Tomi Malin
Production house: Pajula Productions
Man: Yrjänä Ermala
Apprentice: Olavi Ermala
Film was shot at the Huovilan puisto (Kärkölä) and at Liedon vanhalinnan paja (Lieto) 2020.
Thanks to Markku Kirves for writing another page to our main character’s life, cheers to our talented actors Yrjänä & Olavi and special thanks to Italo Moncada & Tomi Malin for assisting with lights & smoke. Also thanks to Mikko & Susanna Summa who provided video crew’s transport vehicle to location, Riku Kurki / vanhalinna smithy, Toni Vilén, Kari Korvenranta, Tero Doukas, Artistiasu, Liedon vanhalinna -säätiö, Kärkölän kunta, Huovilan puisto, Kärkölä seura, Huovilan museoalue, Isobar Finland and Valofirma.